Making sure your roof is sound and secure is incredibly important, yet many homeowners neglect their roofs. Like everything in your home, it requires maintenance.

If you haven't had your roof inspected recently, we're here to help. Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe. 

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  • Gorgeous architectural options available

  • Business options available

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  • Our roofing earns the highest ratings

  • Exceeding industry standards in installations

  • Full guarantee from start to finish

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  • Our roofing earns the highest ratings

  • Red Beacon Pro Certified, 100% Score

  • "A" Rating with Better Business Bureau

  • Exceeding industry standards in installations

  • Clean professional service

  • Full cleanup after installation

Gutter Clean up

Even brand new gutters can plug up with falling tree debris.  We were called out for a leaky roof on a home with new gutters.  We quickly discovered problem, cleaned out the tree debris from the downspout.  The leak stopped.  A good reminder that we need to clean out our gutters routinely.

A lot of your home's HVAC system loses its power directly through your roof. Without proper insulation and ventilation, your energy bills can be sky high. Have one of our inspectors come out and take a look at it – we might be able to save you money on your seasonal electricity bills.

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Can you roof withstand every storm? If you're not sure, or you have an aging roof that's been well weathered, have one of our inspectors come out and take a look.


It's very possible you're subject to further damage without proper flashing installed.

New Service

ROOF Inspection & Maintenance

Have your roof inspected by one of our professionals.  It is a zero cost, in-home consultation.  Even if your roof is not visibly leaking in your home, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected.  Weather damage, accumulation of debris, or poor ventilation can cause you roof to need to replaced quicker.  A lot like your car, routine maintenance of your roof can make it last longer.

Nail Placement

During a wind storm, the number one reason for shingles flying off the roof is nail placement.  Shingles are typically nailed to high, but we have seen them nailed too low too.  This voids the manufacturers warranty.  Be sure to nail shingles on the recommended nail line marked by the manufacturer.

Roof Replacement & Ventilation

Eventually, every roof needs to be replaced.  Our professional roof installers are experienced roofers who have attention to detail and customer satisfaction.  Roof materials are installed according to the manufacturers specifications and backed up by the manufacturers warranties.  Proper ventilation is important to new roofs too.  We pay attention to the small details to make your new roof last as long as possible.

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